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Shipping Terms and Info

We ship UPS and LTL

All of the Gerstner Items ship from Dayton OH.

For UPS eligible shipments, we charge a Flat rate by weight and dimensions per item.

For all of the oversized shipments (large heavy weight Roller bases), they have to be shipped via LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) and require more information before they can be shipped.

LTL requirements

If you would like to get a shipping quote for an LTL shipment (all of the Roller Bases are shipped via LTL only), we will need some information from you.

Please provide the following to receive your quote:

1. Item you are wanting to purchase.

2. Ship to Address

3. Ship to contact phone number (needed by trucking company to verify directions).

4. Is this a business or a residential address?

5. Will there be a forklift available? The shipper will need to know if the driver needs to bring a pallet jack.

Note: All deliveries to residential are dropped off behind the truck, just off of the lift gate. It will be your responsibility to move it from there.

Without this information, we can not ship your order if it contains a Roller Base. The shipping company will not pick them up, without this information.

UPS Shipments

UPS shipments go out from 3-5 business days after order.

Each item has unique shipping cost which includes insurance for the purchase price of the item.

Please do not accept a damaged delivery.

LTL Shipments

LTL shipments are shipped within 7 -10 days.Shipping time depends on carrier and location. Each order is packaged and made ready to ship after the order is received and they are shipped on pallets.

Each item is insured for purchase price.

Please do not accept a damaged delivery.
When buying new Gerstner Toolboxes, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate Authorized Gerstner Reseller.
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