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Finish Restorer and Preserver


Finish Restorer and Preserver

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The same company that makes the finish we put on every Gerstner chest also makes a cleaner that won’t damage that hand-rubbed finish. It is the same Finish Restorer and Preserver we use in our restoration process, so you know it’s dependable.

You can start out your new chest with the Finish Preserver, to prevent damage and make sure your chest always looks its best. The fine oil formula will clean, polish and protect, plus cover any minor scratch or abrasion your chest might get. We recommend applying it once a month with a clean cotton rag to maintain your Gerstner’s pristine shine.

This is also a Finish Restorer for older chests—like we said, we use it in our restoration process. Douse steel wool in this formula and scrub with the grain, and it’ll pull up all of the years of dirt to get right down to that original finish. It even works on leatherette we used in older models. Use this Finish Restorer and Preserver to make your old trusty chest look good as new.

8 oz bottle.


Watch our video to see how we restore the finish on an older Gerstner Chest.



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