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GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet - Machinist Tool Box - Gerstner INT - Handmade


GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet - Machinist Tool Box - Gerstner INT - Handmade

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Upgrade your workspace with the GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet. Sturdy, versatile, and stylish, it's perfect for any professional or hobbyist.

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Introducing the GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet – Elevate Your Workspace with Style and Function

Discover the ultimate in workspace organization with the GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet. Meticulously crafted to blend the timeless charm of oak with the needs of a modern workspace, this roller cabinet is a testament to Gerstner's commitment to quality and functionality. Whether in a garage, workshop, or studio, the GI-R20-D is designed to bring efficiency and elegance to your work area.

Built for versatility, this roller cabinet is not just for automotive tools. Its adaptable nature makes it perfect for a wide range of applications, ensuring that everything from small precision instruments to larger hand tools is organized and easily accessible.

Why the GI-R20-D Stands Out:

  • Sturdy Oak Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of daily use while adding a touch of class to your workspace.
  • Efficient Organization: Five felt-lined drawers provide ample space for a variety of tools, protecting them from rust and damage.
  • Easy Accessibility: Roll this portable cabinet to your work area, ensuring your tools are where you need them, when you need them.
  • Expandable System: Designed to pair seamlessly with the GI-T20 Oak 9-Drawer Top Chest and the GI-M20 Oak 2-Drawer Mid-Base for maximum storage.

List of Features:

  • Optimal Storage: Five spacious drawers cater to both large and small tools.
  • Collapsible Side Work-Table: Conveniently holds socket sets and work lights, offering immediate access.
  • Mobility and Stability: Easily move your tools to the work site without sacrificing stability.
  • Elegant Design: A classic look that enhances any garage or workshop setting.
  • Protective Interior: Lined drawers safeguard your tools against moisture and impact.

Diverse Applications of the GI-R20-D Roller Cabinet

The GI-R20-D is not limited to just automotive tools. Its design and functionality make it suitable for various uses:

  • Garage and Workshop Storage: Ideal for storing ratchets, pliers, wrenches, and larger tools.
  • Creative Studio Organizer: Perfect for artists and craftsmen, offering organized storage for diverse tools and materials.
  • Home and Office Use: A stylish solution for organizing and storing household or office items.
  • Hobbyist's Essential: Keeps hobby-related tools and small parts neatly organized and within reach.
  • Collector's Display and Storage: An elegant way to store and showcase collectibles or memorabilia.


  • UPC Code: 697647152034
  • Overall Dimensions: 23-5/8"W x 33-3/4"T x 17"D
  • Top Shelf and Side Table Dimensions: Perfect for additional work space and tool organization
  • Product Weight: A substantial 94 lbs

From Gerstner

The Gerstner International GI-R20-D Dark Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet is an imported, classic American style, finished in a rich chocolate brown stain, brown felt & chrome hardware. Vertically expand your garage with the GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet. No need to carry your automotive ratchets, pliers and wrenches when you can roll this portable bench directly to your work space. Rusty tools are a past memory when stored in the felt lined red oak drawers. Handy collapsible side work-table easily holds socket sets and work lights for immediate access.

The GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet has been designed to use with the GI-T20-D Oak 5-Drawer Top Chest for maximum storage.

Note: This product ships by truck.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery. The Roller Unit ships with the wheels inside the bottom drawer. Wheels can be easily attached with the included bolts and Allen wrench.

Overall Dimensions23-5/8" Wide x 33-3/4" Tall x 17" Deep
Top Shelf21-3/4" Wide x 16" Deep
Side Table10-3/8" Wide x 16" Deep
Drawer Dimensions (ID)(2) 18-3/8" Wide x 3-3/8" Tall x 12-5/8" Deep (1) 18-3/8" Wide x 5-1/4" Tall x 12-5/8" Deep (2) 7-7/8" Wide x 9-1/2" Tall x 12-5/8" Deep
Product Weight94 lbs.

Transform Your Workspace with the GI-R20-D Roller Cabinet

The GI-R20-D Oak 5-Drawer Roller Cabinet is more than just a storage unit; it's an integral part of your workspace that combines functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Ideal for professionals, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts who value organization and style. Elevate your workspace with this versatile and elegant roller cabinet.

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Additional information

Weight100 lbs
Dimensions27 × 21 × 31 in

H. Gerstner & Sons

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