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August 9, 2022
1600 Tote Case - DIY Kit - Gerstner USA - Handmade

You could sit on your couch, watch some TV and scroll through your phone again… or you could dive into a good project. And this is a really good project to get stuck into. What we learned from over 100 years in the business; woodworking is a great stress reliever. It improves dexterity, stimulates imagination […]

February 28, 2024
2001AP All Purpose Chest

Functional and beautiful, the Gerstner All Purpose Chest offers versatile storage options for hobbyists and collectors—and features the outstanding Gerstner craftsmanship, rugged wood, felt lining, and signature mirror.

February 13, 2024
DIY 2609 Master Craftsman Woodworking Kit: Build Your Own Tool Chest

Unleash craftsmanship with the DIY 2609 Master Craftsman Kit. Perfect for hobbyists to build a high-quality, customizable wooden tool chest.

February 13, 2024
Gerstner 0806 Toolmaker's Chest: Versatile Oak Storage for EDC, Collectibles & Craft Tools

Discover the Gerstner 0806 Toolmaker's Chest: Unique oak design for EDC, collectibles, and precision tools. Secure, portable, and stylish storage.

August 8, 2022
Gerstner 2613 Pro-Series Chest: The Ultimate Wooden Machinist Tool Box

Explore the Gerstner 2613 Pro-Series Chest: Ultimate craftsmanship in a wooden machinist tool box, blending elegance with functionality.

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